New Hampshire Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute
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Positions open: Vice President and Treasurer
2 year Terms from July 1, 2020 until June 30, 2022
Qualifications required to serve as an officer of the Northeast Region: 
 “All members nominated to serve as an Officer must have been a CSI Member for at least 2 years and served in a leadership position at a Chapter or at the Region.”
A leadership position at the chapter or region level would be a director, officer, or committee chair.

Responsibilities of the Vice President
Duties and term of office – As defined in Region Bylaws
  • Serve on the executive committee of the Northeast Region with President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.
  • Attend meeting of the executive committee at the call of the Pres, meeting may be in person, or conference call.
  • As a member of the executive committee - The executive committee shall select all standing and special committees and designate duties.
  • Serve as ex officio member of all committees of the region except the region nominating committee.
  • In the event of a vacancy in the office of the president of the region, the vice president of the region shall assume the presidency of the region.
Other duties and Responsibilities
  • Preside at Region Board Meetings and other Region Meetings in the absence of the President.
  • Assist in the selection of members to serve on Region Committees. 
  • Assist in the preparation of Region Meeting Agendas.
  • Attend all Region Board Meetings
  • Maintain liaison with Chapter Presidents.
  • Assist the President in the Administration of the Region.
  • Serve as alternate signatory for checks from Region accounts payable to the Treasurer.
  • Make Chapter visitations or participate in other activities that assure personal contact between Region Leadership and Leadership of each Chapter at least once every two years (Duty to be shared with President).
A Vice President that has served a full term shall not be eligible for re-election to the same position.
Responsibilities of the Treasurer
Duties and term of office – As defined in Region Bylaws
  • Serve on the executive committee of the Northeast Region with President, the Vice President, and the Secretary.
  • The treasurer shall collect and receipt for monies and securities; deposit funds and disburse and dispose of the same, subject to the direction of the board
  • Keep accurate books of account.
  • Submit a financial report at board meetings.
  • Submit a report of office of Treasurer at the annual meeting.
Other duties and Responsibilities
  • At the end of each fiscal year, arrange for an audit of the Region’s financial records by either a Region ad hoc Committee or an outside certified accountant.
  • Upon assumption of duties, arrange with outgoing Treasurer for any necessary transfer of bank accounts and signature authorizations for authorized officers.
  • Upon assumption of duties by new Region Vice President, arrange for necessary signature authorization for bank accounts.
  • Maintain all financial records for the Region showing income and expense.
  • Pay all approved Region invoices.
  • Receive and deposit all payments made to the Region.
  • Prepare and submit a financial report for each Executive Committee, Board or Annual Meeting.
  • Prepare and submit all necessary Federal Income Tax and any other tax reports required by authorized jurisdictions.
  • Serve as a member of the Finance Committee.
  • On behalf of the Finance Committee, submit the Finance Committee’s recommended budget to the Region Board for action.
  • Invoice Chapters for Region Assessment based on approved Budget.
  • Oversee Region Conference income and expense accounting.
  • Acquire appropriate liability insurance covering the Region’s activities.
  • Ex officio member of Region Product Show Committee, Conference Host Chapter Committee and Planning Committee.
  • Provide financial reports to the Institute on the use of the “Region Allocation” as required by the Institute.
The Treasurer may be nominated to serve a second term but may not serve more than 2 consecutive full terms.