New Hampshire Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute

HB 1254 Update
By Linda McNair-Perry, PE, CSI

The NH Legislative Sub-Committee, created by 2018 House Bill HB 1254 that studied the code adoption process in New Hampshire, has completed their report . Not every recommendation will find its way into NH law, but it does look like there was some dialog.
The Chairperson, Representative Beaudoin, is sponsoring several 2019 House Bills related to the Study Committee’s recommendations.  The most anticipated of these would be to have the legislature adopt the 2015 family of I-Codes as amended by the Building Code Review Board (BCRB).  It is not yet clear when the implementation of the 2015 codes will be legislative set, but there is a hint that it may not become effective until January of 2020.  Then, the Legislature will be working towards the goal of adopting each new set of i-codes as they are updated (which occurs on a 3-year cycle) about 3 years after they are first published.  So, theoretically in 2021 the legislature would adopt the 2018 i-codes and in 2024 they would adopt the 2021 i-code. 
The 2019 legislative service requests, LSRs, related to the building code have been filed.  An LSR is the beginning of the drafting process to create an actual legislative bill.  LSR language simply identifies the topic, with no specifics. No Bill numbers have been assigned yet.  This would appear to be progress, but  as you may have heard ‘making legislation is like making sausage’.